Monday, October 12, 2015

Yotaro Kobayashi Analects Witticism

Yotaro Kobayashi Witticism7
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd President

Now, to be questioned in the leader, economic and social, is the determination and judgment to both human nature

and even been accused's prejudice, and please do not be afraid to speak to have the courage to have their own opinion. Without it, not born such as a conventional did not technology, conventional was not thinking

and If you do not think that the interesting, if Yokunara Nara not. work well work, the company do not become strong, you can not be social contribution

Companies are said to be up to management. Moreover is greater specific gravity occupied by the management person when worse than when the performance is improved

Instead of being asked and why not Yare ", you're asked to" Why do it

First, if switching the head a person to stand on top of the organization, strategy beat the competition does not come born

Work is always done by human beings, we should not forget that it progresses by a human connection

Yotaro Kobayashi career (Profile)
[1933 - 2015] Japan's management. Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. president, and served as the Chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives. April 25, 1933 I was born in London. Keio childish building, Keio High School, Faculty of Economics, Keio University graduate. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School graduates (MBA). He joined Fuji Photo Film (now Fujifilm Holdings), it starts to Fuji Xerox in 1963. He was appointed in 1978 president