Monday, October 12, 2015

Satoru Iwata Analects Witticism

Satoru Iwata Witticism10
(Nintendo Co., Ltd 4th president)

I am of the business card It is written with the president, but in my head is a game developer. Mind is gamer

The programmer, do not say no

Logic is also required, but I think that is very important thinking and behavior get out of the logic to look at the machine

I is not what opposite, if looking hard or get to recognized around if what I always Come chance of work, or will not it come luck also Megu~tsu in place of such a person

I will have the definition of genius found. And that people might hate, that people could not continue tired, endlessly CONTINUED people, I'm think it's" genius"

When I say that it why I first made the Xevious "of Bandai Namco's, anyway we'm such because I wanted to see the" Xevious "in stereoscopic. Ano, a Solvalou float in the air (laughs)

I am sure, Nintendo believes that can respond to the deflation of the game software. To whether we it to it is do not do not do things that can not be in them. Who can recognize the value to propose what is heterogeneous, all I think in suffering

Why do we make the game. Speaking to Kansai style, because want to take on more people. I'm glad irresistibly of us happy people. It is worth living

Work does not have any one time that it was considered to be Nante's drudgery. I rather no matter how the struggle, it becomes a hot topic in the world, because many people have I seen the going is to smile in this eye, and blessed so job I have thought that there is no

I want to tell you and I'm good to think up a place called" unlikely "to the employees. And in the future, Nintendo I you thought that cool When the need in such company