Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eikō Harada Analects Witticism

Eikō Harada  Witticism18

Benesse Holdings, Inc. President

20s and Yare anything, Kimero the direction of life in the 30s, Nashitogero in the 40s

Impossible and what is challenging, we can grow!

In the food service industry," profit "and" safety pursuit of "the relationship forever contradiction

The essence of business is to continue to provide and develop products that exceed customer expectations

Business comes down to dedication. Human, what wisdom also come out if hot heart

Work is not the time. It is the quality and speed

If the cash register is shortened to 30 seconds, sales grow 5%

Only good employees healthy is eliminated. And I'm a team There are various people

Tomorrow's growth, starting from the denial of the status quo

There is no interest in Kuiau the existing market in the industry. McDonald's is going to create a new food service market. We are working to have the belief and confidence here

Only their own convenience in the fail If you decide the price. And customer feelings, it does not work if you do not judged by identify better balance of interests

to fail and move the business only with numbers that look. If you do not continue to read correctly the psychology, the company will be brain dead immediately

What is the job of management, easy to say and validates the inspiration of the moment, and create a mechanism, we attach to it and that the move is to convince the people

The corporate philosophy, are aggregated short on word of" or business for what

TV CM, nor train hanging advertisement, that you want to say most is, in 0.5 seconds. Moment I saw, and to convey

Manual is not intended to make a fool, but what you need as a minimum of basic manufacturing. It is an essential subject that should be mastered in order to crew reaches a higher level

When I think" risky ", just tend to judge as" impossible ". But, chances are you have been back and forth in front of us by the impossibility of face. In other words, chances are , I often there Among the impossible. So, there is no choice but to challenge that you can not

And Psychology (psychology) of whether to be thrilled to be surprised "how consumers think in Rizume, science that will change the customer satisfaction in the margin (profit), including its surprise (science). Both the management I think that it is necessary