Saturday, October 17, 2015

Colonel Sanders Analects Witticism

Colonel Sanders Witticism15KFC founder

Failure and is, you can restart, it's a chance that has been given to or try new things. I believe so

Rather than human beings become useless too work, with rust and too rest, it is much more one to be spoiled

and If you think trying to success, beginning Zu Rakuse, it's necessary to be struggling to

I have a lesson that has been in guidance. People can or" can ", it is something that can be realized by the amount you think" I want to

Including such failures and that it appeared to be a waste, that has been learned in my life, there is no need to evaluate any way reduce

Easy path does not take more than's a efficient time. Difficult path it takes is also laborious and time. However, in accordance with the hands of the clock is advanced, it is difficult to was easy road, it was difficult road is easily It's become something

Even in what a start, it is not a start from zero

People I used to think that the end in my life this is the 60-year-old and 65-year-old. However, the age of the person, the age that I felt, and would be. Years of age are a number which is determined at the age you've convinced, a lot of work I could do is there

People that service hard to others, is a human being to get the most benefit

I can not bothering Arekore Once in bed. Since Very painful Corbin era, I've been so far

Life is what you make it yourself. Is not that slow

I was able to build a business, after all it's people. In my franchisees are hardworking, enthusiastic, and honest people. There is them, but the fact that my there is now

I merely have kept the two rules. Yare all the can do "and" Do your best if do. I wonder this is not the only way for the to achieve something

Try to clean the shop. The staff let be polite. Take out the delicious cuisine. After that please work hard. Although not always be successful in this, it would be the first step to success

It I was a number, you should make an effort to to what is more valuable your life. Life does not occur any problem, because of there is no reason a wonderful life