Monday, October 12, 2015

Hiroshi Mikitani Analects Witticism

Hiroshi Mikitani  Witticism11
Rakuten, Inc. founder

Dream is meaningful Only then realized

I lost the reality of rough seas, a dream, such as forgetting is not a true dream

The Internet all the knowledge and information to a database, to be indexed. Inorganic search is commoditized, organic services go are differentiated

The essential feature of the Internet is to connect the human knowledge and information

Internet without theoretically be blocked by the spatial constraints, it is a technology capable of connecting all the knowledge and information of the human. It will of connecting to the Internet, human of the whole mankind alone It is also that it is that the brain and access

Ironic that the dream and the reality is different, and so do not be misled. It is, of people who failed to efforts to change the dream into reality, not just an excuse for Kuyashimagire

Dreams know to exert force in order to realize. Dreams and goals of growing a person feel it is my whether to how grown people are better seen in the eye

Ten years ago, I was holding one of the dream. All of life from it, have continued to run toward its realization. In the process, it embraced the same dream, fellow running together has increased. The first two company that began in humans, and now became the 5,000 Group companies

It's no sense to just entertain the dream. Reassembles the dream to a specific goal, Kangaenuki whether must be what you specifically to achieve that goal, and the fact that it was the thought out go accomplished one by one. All of the ability myself of have, talent also everything nor perseverance physical fitness, as another or that thing to tackle. take many years over all, so to not have supposed that such dreams can not be realized, Also, I think the first time doing up there, and he is a dream meaning

Until the Wright brothers to succeed in the experiment, the fact that such person is flying the sky, was only just a dream. Even steam locomotive, Even automobile would the same thing. And one by one realize such a dream, the reality and precisely because it has been changed, there is a contemporary of our lives. modern society, to say that the resulting from our predecessors of a dream, it is not exaggeration. dream is what, he fuel to advance the society

The Internet, it is a tool that connects people with people. Even if technology is progress, no matter how, the human itself does not change. People's a creature you want to connect with people. Even that the Internet is to allow are numerous, it root does not move absolutely "that There is a communication tool that connects people and people