Sunday, October 11, 2015

Masaru Ibuka Analects Witticism

Masaru Ibuka Witticism10Sony Corporation founder

Only it has been used by many people, is a technique

When common sense and the insane were hit, innovation is born

We do not do mimicry. Let Tegakeyo new things. Because it is thing hard, always open a new frontier when overcome one

With how do you jump out from the frame is linking the sensitivity to the important. Technology, it can be a big leap

Invention species. First thing to look for seeds. It is important to raise the invention to it more

From that you cherish the silly no dream, innovation is born

Sony has been doing things you do not do the others until now. If there is unresolved, it is good if it does Resolve Sony. Japan's first, is what making things the world's first, it is possible to proceed to step ahead than people he

In the midst of "corporate body, what to stop it is that very important. A new, secret to deploy a good field, I can throw away the ones that must be discarded without fail. There is a limit to the capital, There is a limit to the space, you must know that there is a limit to the person of particular capability

The real managers, next year, when it is: what do the year after next, without'm going to spread gradually, we will narrow gradually, in order to concentrate on there, Iran can go quit. And otherwise You can not place concentration

Companies should not be the same like that. Not firmly death stone wall under the castle. Strong stone wall stones of various forms, can by engaging well