Monday, October 12, 2015

José Mujica Witticism

José Mujica  Witticism 7Uruguay 40th president

I, we are hostile to consumerism. Thanks to the ultra-consumerism of the modern, we can forget that the most essential, the ability of as a person, that has very little to do with the well-being of mankind are you wasting

The poor people, rather than people who do not have what little, there are infinite greed, It's the person who does not satisfy even how much

Has been called the world's poor president, but I do not think poor things myself. The poor people, working only in order to maintain a luxurious life, and from the next to the next thing the coveted and people It is to say that

The people who leave a better human resources than yourself a true leader

Everyone in I want you to know that the source of water crisis and the environmental crisis is not a problem source. The fundamental problem is the social model we have to run. And, It should be reviewed anew our life style the fact that he

When people buy things, I do not buy with the money. I'll I have bought at the time that was split of life in order to earn the money. Therefore, if you have hired a person, things in the human time It becomes that you are buying. I have made from those tore time of such life because economic resources

Development is not supposed to be those that inhibit happiness. Development must be intended to bring happiness to mankind. Love and relationships, to raise a child, it has a friend, and must be at least Having a thing of limited. I should I bring these