Monday, October 19, 2015

Masuda Muneaki Analects Witticism

Masuda Muneaki  Witticism7

Japanese businessman TSUTAYA founder

That enhance the customer value is a planning company is our job

To develop a high customer value product, it will depend on whether management can shift the resources that have the company to high commodity customer value

Even though visible only net useless. When customers are not visible. Because the net is just a tool

My daily movies, music, is to deal with the media to express the view of the world and life style, such as books. It might be that gripped the world of air because always in contact with such expression products

The "know-how the moon only to those who did, skills get. There is no know-how, and Nante cease to get out to the game and because there is no skill, it is a very mistaken

I also where the company you think products that consider the customer value is one or two asleep. It management has to pick up, and I'm there for whether all the power of the company to introduce. That way you will be products that grab the customer's mind. It's easier to sell if you can even grab a customer's mind

I myself as the mass media Hyosuru the Japanese economy does not expect to be in a gloomy situation. If now the recession dare say, it is a psychological recession. For example, there is a tone that became a recession in the yen. Profit if the yen advances as it were taken to the export companies will decrease. But, as it were taken to the import company, the yen is the follow-up. Then you look at the statistics, both The export value of Japan import value will not conflict with the approximately 80 trillion yen. Although export company painful, import companies are you a profit