Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ayumu Goromaru Analects Witticism

Ayumu Goromaru Witticism5Japan Rugby

Now, the spotlight on foreign players in Japan

My favorite rugby at this age it is, is really happy that it can safely tears asked to cheer on many people

Part you can do what growth in dire adversity should there always

I was able Challenger seems to battle. So there are no regrets. As a team, it is taken spear. Force was Dashikiri

Year after year, even as an individual, even as a team, tone of ups and downs is becoming less. Just but has become stronger, because it was not able to enter the top four. Young as a whole team, you can still grow I think that part is a lot

Ayumu Goromaru career (Profile)

Rugby player of Japan. Yamaha Motor Jubilo affiliation. Born March 1, 1986. Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture born. Start a rugby at 3 years old. From elementary school four years to six years is devoted to football, sometimes you have chosen to Fukuoka City selection. The Saga industrial high school participated in the Garden for the third consecutive year (Best 8 both). U17Nippondaihyonimoerabareru. And go on to Waseda University sports science department, he worked as a regular full-back than when one year. Experience the national university championship victory. March 2005, elected to the Japan representative. April 16, 2005, it played a Japan representative debut against Uruguay game