Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yasushi Inoue Witticism

Yasushi Inoue Witticism9Japanese novelist and poet

The person who makes an effort tells a request, and the person who lazes tells dissatisfaction

Because everything is good, somehow maybe it's best in the human life-style to get rapturous

There is probably something as prosperity in the very ordinary thing. Which thing of quiet eyes, a gentle heart, a healthy body and anything but the state that you did that every day calm doesn't it seem to be also?

It's better not to find happiness. There seems to be human prosperity in the heart which isn't asked from the eyes which aren't purchased in every day which isn't asked from the body which isn't purchased

It's regrettable and spicy so that every kind of lucky man would like to die sometime

That one will look back to the walked past, with what is it that there is an encounter of the once in a lot of wonderful life?

Young people should utilize spirit of an once-in-a-lifetime chance in the daily life more aggressively

Something to have to walk, process it by oneself and go by oneself will say a life

It's insignificant originally in something as the age. The one by which the person living tenderly is doing the life which was young and grew old is old

Yasushi Inoue background (profile)

[1907-1991]Japanese novelist and poet. Person of cultural merits and Order of Cultural Merit awarding. It was born in Hokkaido (present,* Asahikawa-shi). After Kyoto University literature department philosophy family graduation, I join in Mainichi Newspapers (I leave the office in 1951.) It was after the war, and I dealt with many novels. Main work "bullfight" "Confucius" "blue wolf" "roof tile in Tenpyo" "Goshirakawa in" etc..