Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ichiro Suzuki Witticism

Ichiro Suzuki Witticism11Japanese batter

There is only 1 way to achieve a dream and a target. Pile up a small thing

That the one which can exist is concluded cuts corners, and is strange

The thing one can do now. The thing they seem able to do when exerting oneself. I have to be piling up such thing, a far target isn't approaching

Doesn't the consciousness that they came thoroughly walk that one is made? I should think very highly of that one who has practiced that is here and that you could continue there

When the ball one doesn't expect at all has come, how does it correspond? That's important. The ball I'd like to hit with a game doesn't come. When waiting for a favorite ball, it ends

It's necessary to make a plan and behavior consistent for an extended period to accomplish something

It's important that you can be here by usual yourself to do a special thing

Even if a team isn't feeling well, one doesn't collapse

The result is in and you cry, and by what kind of oneself can I be here? The trigger which produces what the posture which is never given up is is made

I was always playing strenuously, but the good result wasn't in today. But even so, it isn't regretted and doesn't also think I'm embarrassed. It's because the effort which is as much as possible was done

The one as grasping a dream won't be done all at once. It'll be to pile up a small thing, and you become able to take out the power which isn't believed on a day in sometime

Ichiro Suzuki Background (profile)

Japanese professional baseball player. It was born in 1973. I'm born in Japan. I play an active part in Japan and United States.