Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ryunosuke Akutagawa Witticism Analects

Ryunosuke Akutagawa Witticism14Japanese novelist

What shalt help but lack in making the statement is a creative passion more than anything

Creation is always an adventure. After after all is that did their human power, there is no choice but to leave it to destiny

Justice is something similar to a weapon. If the weapon is even out the money, will be bought in the ally to enemy. If justice even with the theory, but also bought in the ally to enemy in which

Fate is inevitable than the chance" fate the word is in the personality "does not born never to Dongguan (neglected)

Marriage is effective in regulating the sexual desire, are not effective in regulating the love

In short, fool (stupid) woman is hate. Particularly stupid woman who knows how it's ToshiTakumi is not given a hand

One of the signs of love is to become extremely sensitive to finding the face that is similar to her

I thought necessary in our lives might have been run out in three thousand years ago. We just will only add a new fire in the old wood

Genius is slightly that of a person who has separated us and one step. Tragedy of genius is to be given a cozy fame was a small

Fool is always, believe him other than a person to be a fool."

"Happiness, refers to when you do not happiness the problem

Benefit given by the morality is a saving of time and effort. Give the moral damage is a paralysis of the perfect conscience

The "ancient political genius, has been considered as the person who the people of will and his own intention. But this would be the exact opposite. But rather a political genius, of his own making to the people it is to say that the person who is willing

Conscience is unexpected may create a moral. But morality is not that you have created the character of the" good "of yet once conscience

Ryunosuke Akutagawa history (profile)

[1892 - 1927] Japanese novelist. Born in Tokyo. University of Tokyo English Graduated. Perform literary activities by issuing the fanzine new trend of thought from his university days. Leaving the excellent "spider silk", "Imogayu," "Hell Screen", "gear", "Rashomon," "nose", "Kappa", "bush", "Moriko Spring" Other large number of masterpiece in short stories