Thursday, April 28, 2016

Akira Matsumoto Witticism

Akira Matsumoto Witticism6Cal. be corporation chairperson and CEO

The sense to see through kind is polished by the case that I'm going out to a site one after another, not to keep at the top of a desk

I think strenuously and devise using a head. When I say whether it's fun, indeed what is there on business?

It's decided what I make important, because there is a result and company management is wearing, and a necessary thing is being just performed quietly to achieve that

A business always starts from a target. Therefore what is set as a target by company management, I don't bend and it's important

It's fun to learn a new thing. I'm also reading a book of the various genres besides the thing about management

When putting on knowledge, experience and a skill and not thinking those out all in a background, the success in a business is vague

Akira Matsumoto background (profile)

Japanese proprietor. Cal. be corporation chairperson and CEO (chief executive). From Kyoto. After Kyoto University graduate school department of agriculture Master's course finish, I join in Itochu. I participate in an export business of the industrial equipment, the car and the harbor equipment. After that a century medical director business general manager of Itochu subsidiary company assumes a mosquito Ruby chairperson and a CEO via Johnson, an end Johnson medical president and the best advisor.