Sunday, April 24, 2016

Coco Chanel Witticism

Coco Chanel Witticism10Founder of CHANEL

It's necessary to be different from others to become irreplaceable man

I saw something everyone and I wear and laughed. But, that's my successful key. It's because I didn't have a same figure as everyone

It's at adversity to understand a life

Without having a wing, get over every kind of obstacle for that I have been born to grow a wing

The lady who doesn't perfume has no futures

There is an abundant person truly with ordinary riches

A woman passes 40 and begins, and it becomes fascinating

A face of 20 years old is a natural present. For a face of 50 years old, your achievements

There is a drama in the process which falls for a lipstick

Besides there was also a princess, for Coco CHANEL, free one person

Coco Chanel background (profile)

Founder of CHANEL. In 1883, I'm born at the French southwest. I lose my mother by 12 years old and it's left in an orphanage. I begin to work as a salesperson in a clothing store via a pension. CHANEL of 27 years old also starts "CHANEL hat store" on a 21st area of Cambon street in Paris with the one of the investment of Arthur mosquito Pell of a sweetheart in 1910. I dealt with a skirt and a jacket and built the luxury brand "CHANEL" up by Kazuyo.