Friday, April 22, 2016

Mother Teresa Witticism

Mother Teresa Witticism10
The Catholic Church

For the opposite of love, not dislike, but indifference

The most fearful sickness is lonely in the world

Ai and the hunger to thanks are bigger than hunger to food for this world

More, politicians have to increase time to kneel modestly. I believe them then to become a better politician surely

A prayer bears belief and belief produces love, and love bears service to purpose of poor people

When there are poor people in the world in a moon, we also go there

When a young lady who belongs to a higher class does the determination done for poor people, that's one true revolution. It's maximum and moreover it's a revolution with very difficult difficulty, and a revolution of love

Delight is a prayer. Delight is Tsutomu. Delight is love. Delight is a net of the love by which we captivate people's mind

Arrogance breaks everything. The secret through which I live like Jesus will be that it'll be the person with a meek and modest heart

The person is illogical and non-logic is selfish. Love a person without worrying about it

Mother Teresa's brief summary of career

[1910-1997] I make it a nun of the Catholic Church and am a founder of a monastic order "missionary work person meeting of love of a god". Templeton prize in 1973, Nobel peace prize in 1979 and a BARA RATONA prize in 1980. I'm born in Skoplje in old Yugoslavia. My father is from the (similar to a Romanian) ARUMANIA person of a minority. My mother is Albanian. I become a Catholic nun over India by 18 years old. It's visited 3 times including the first visit to Japan in 1981 to Japan. For 87 years old, rejection