Monday, April 25, 2016

Douglas MacArthur Witticism

Douglas MacArthur Witticism9GHQ  Commander in chief

Youth isn't only a time of the life. That's in the state of the heart. There isn't a person who just lived and grows old lengthily. A person grows old by giving up an ideal

You aren't supposed to do that military personnel ask for it to a state

An old soldier doesn't die, only, I melt away

Japanese is experiencing the greatest reform by present-day history since a war

I live, a suitable person is the person who doesn't fear death

A person grows old by giving up an ideal. When having faith, it'll be tenderly, and when having a suspicion, I grow old. When having a confidence, it'll be tenderly, and when having fear, I grow old. When having an ambition, being tenderly and when having despair, I grow old

There is no safety in this world. There does nothing but be a chance

It's fatal to burst into a war without the will I win

The last purpose of a war is to win, not to make the decision postponement. There isn't an agent who grows old and wins instead to fight

Douglas MacArthur background (profile)

[1880-1964] general of U.S. Army (marshal) and GHQ  Commander in chief. It was born in the State of Arkansas. The commander in chief of allied powers possessing Asian experience of duties which extends over a long term, and after commanding a competition toward Japan, who reigned over Japan under occupation with the intense individuality