Monday, October 19, 2015

Masuda Muneaki Analects Witticism

Masuda Muneaki  Witticism7

Japanese businessman TSUTAYA founder

That enhance the customer value is a planning company is our job

To develop a high customer value product, it will depend on whether management can shift the resources that have the company to high commodity customer value

Even though visible only net useless. When customers are not visible. Because the net is just a tool

My daily movies, music, is to deal with the media to express the view of the world and life style, such as books. It might be that gripped the world of air because always in contact with such expression products

The "know-how the moon only to those who did, skills get. There is no know-how, and Nante cease to get out to the game and because there is no skill, it is a very mistaken

I also where the company you think products that consider the customer value is one or two asleep. It management has to pick up, and I'm there for whether all the power of the company to introduce. That way you will be products that grab the customer's mind. It's easier to sell if you can even grab a customer's mind

I myself as the mass media Hyosuru the Japanese economy does not expect to be in a gloomy situation. If now the recession dare say, it is a psychological recession. For example, there is a tone that became a recession in the yen. Profit if the yen advances as it were taken to the export companies will decrease. But, as it were taken to the import company, the yen is the follow-up. Then you look at the statistics, both The export value of Japan import value will not conflict with the approximately 80 trillion yen. Although export company painful, import companies are you a profit

Sunday, October 18, 2015

William James Analects Witticism

William James  Witticism14


It is not to laugh because fun. It's fun to laugh because

My greatest generation discovery, human beings by changing the state of mind, but the fact that life even it is possible to change

The world is always a theater for those who courageous

Life is Believe it 's worthwhile. Is the belief of you if so, life will produce the fact that the thing of value

Mind if change is behavior Kaware. Behavior habits change if Kaware. Habits personality changes if Kaware. Fate changes if Kaware personality

What you accept that you have to accept. Happened in sight of things as they are is the first step to overcome the unfortunate result

I cited one law in psychology. To imagine in my head the image you want to yourself this way, and are holding continues much the video, it's the thing that happens is that the street that I was thinking in the next

Reading of the trick is in the browsing. Therefore, tips to become wise in the art of knowing what to throw away

Wisdom is learning what to overlook

Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake

The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it

This life is worth living, we can say, since it is what we make it

To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal

In any project the important factor is your belief. Without belief, there can be no successful outcome

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Colonel Sanders Analects Witticism

Colonel Sanders Witticism15KFC founder

Failure and is, you can restart, it's a chance that has been given to or try new things. I believe so

Rather than human beings become useless too work, with rust and too rest, it is much more one to be spoiled

and If you think trying to success, beginning Zu Rakuse, it's necessary to be struggling to

I have a lesson that has been in guidance. People can or" can ", it is something that can be realized by the amount you think" I want to

Including such failures and that it appeared to be a waste, that has been learned in my life, there is no need to evaluate any way reduce

Easy path does not take more than's a efficient time. Difficult path it takes is also laborious and time. However, in accordance with the hands of the clock is advanced, it is difficult to was easy road, it was difficult road is easily It's become something

Even in what a start, it is not a start from zero

People I used to think that the end in my life this is the 60-year-old and 65-year-old. However, the age of the person, the age that I felt, and would be. Years of age are a number which is determined at the age you've convinced, a lot of work I could do is there

People that service hard to others, is a human being to get the most benefit

I can not bothering Arekore Once in bed. Since Very painful Corbin era, I've been so far

Life is what you make it yourself. Is not that slow

I was able to build a business, after all it's people. In my franchisees are hardworking, enthusiastic, and honest people. There is them, but the fact that my there is now

I merely have kept the two rules. Yare all the can do "and" Do your best if do. I wonder this is not the only way for the to achieve something

Try to clean the shop. The staff let be polite. Take out the delicious cuisine. After that please work hard. Although not always be successful in this, it would be the first step to success

It I was a number, you should make an effort to to what is more valuable your life. Life does not occur any problem, because of there is no reason a wonderful life

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eikō Harada Analects Witticism

Eikō Harada  Witticism18

Benesse Holdings, Inc. President

20s and Yare anything, Kimero the direction of life in the 30s, Nashitogero in the 40s

Impossible and what is challenging, we can grow!

In the food service industry," profit "and" safety pursuit of "the relationship forever contradiction

The essence of business is to continue to provide and develop products that exceed customer expectations

Business comes down to dedication. Human, what wisdom also come out if hot heart

Work is not the time. It is the quality and speed

If the cash register is shortened to 30 seconds, sales grow 5%

Only good employees healthy is eliminated. And I'm a team There are various people

Tomorrow's growth, starting from the denial of the status quo

There is no interest in Kuiau the existing market in the industry. McDonald's is going to create a new food service market. We are working to have the belief and confidence here

Only their own convenience in the fail If you decide the price. And customer feelings, it does not work if you do not judged by identify better balance of interests

to fail and move the business only with numbers that look. If you do not continue to read correctly the psychology, the company will be brain dead immediately

What is the job of management, easy to say and validates the inspiration of the moment, and create a mechanism, we attach to it and that the move is to convince the people

The corporate philosophy, are aggregated short on word of" or business for what

TV CM, nor train hanging advertisement, that you want to say most is, in 0.5 seconds. Moment I saw, and to convey

Manual is not intended to make a fool, but what you need as a minimum of basic manufacturing. It is an essential subject that should be mastered in order to crew reaches a higher level

When I think" risky ", just tend to judge as" impossible ". But, chances are you have been back and forth in front of us by the impossibility of face. In other words, chances are , I often there Among the impossible. So, there is no choice but to challenge that you can not

And Psychology (psychology) of whether to be thrilled to be surprised "how consumers think in Rizume, science that will change the customer satisfaction in the margin (profit), including its surprise (science). Both the management I think that it is necessary

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ayumu Goromaru Analects Witticism

Ayumu Goromaru Witticism5Japan Rugby

Now, the spotlight on foreign players in Japan

My favorite rugby at this age it is, is really happy that it can safely tears asked to cheer on many people

Part you can do what growth in dire adversity should there always

I was able Challenger seems to battle. So there are no regrets. As a team, it is taken spear. Force was Dashikiri

Year after year, even as an individual, even as a team, tone of ups and downs is becoming less. Just but has become stronger, because it was not able to enter the top four. Young as a whole team, you can still grow I think that part is a lot

Ayumu Goromaru career (Profile)

Rugby player of Japan. Yamaha Motor Jubilo affiliation. Born March 1, 1986. Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture born. Start a rugby at 3 years old. From elementary school four years to six years is devoted to football, sometimes you have chosen to Fukuoka City selection. The Saga industrial high school participated in the Garden for the third consecutive year (Best 8 both). U17Nippondaihyonimoerabareru. And go on to Waseda University sports science department, he worked as a regular full-back than when one year. Experience the national university championship victory. March 2005, elected to the Japan representative. April 16, 2005, it played a Japan representative debut against Uruguay game

Monday, October 12, 2015

Satoru Iwata Analects Witticism

Satoru Iwata Witticism10
(Nintendo Co., Ltd 4th president)

I am of the business card It is written with the president, but in my head is a game developer. Mind is gamer

The programmer, do not say no

Logic is also required, but I think that is very important thinking and behavior get out of the logic to look at the machine

I is not what opposite, if looking hard or get to recognized around if what I always Come chance of work, or will not it come luck also Megu~tsu in place of such a person

I will have the definition of genius found. And that people might hate, that people could not continue tired, endlessly CONTINUED people, I'm think it's" genius"

When I say that it why I first made the Xevious "of Bandai Namco's, anyway we'm such because I wanted to see the" Xevious "in stereoscopic. Ano, a Solvalou float in the air (laughs)

I am sure, Nintendo believes that can respond to the deflation of the game software. To whether we it to it is do not do not do things that can not be in them. Who can recognize the value to propose what is heterogeneous, all I think in suffering

Why do we make the game. Speaking to Kansai style, because want to take on more people. I'm glad irresistibly of us happy people. It is worth living

Work does not have any one time that it was considered to be Nante's drudgery. I rather no matter how the struggle, it becomes a hot topic in the world, because many people have I seen the going is to smile in this eye, and blessed so job I have thought that there is no

I want to tell you and I'm good to think up a place called" unlikely "to the employees. And in the future, Nintendo I you thought that cool When the need in such company

Yotaro Kobayashi Analects Witticism

Yotaro Kobayashi Witticism7
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd President

Now, to be questioned in the leader, economic and social, is the determination and judgment to both human nature

and even been accused's prejudice, and please do not be afraid to speak to have the courage to have their own opinion. Without it, not born such as a conventional did not technology, conventional was not thinking

and If you do not think that the interesting, if Yokunara Nara not. work well work, the company do not become strong, you can not be social contribution

Companies are said to be up to management. Moreover is greater specific gravity occupied by the management person when worse than when the performance is improved

Instead of being asked and why not Yare ", you're asked to" Why do it

First, if switching the head a person to stand on top of the organization, strategy beat the competition does not come born

Work is always done by human beings, we should not forget that it progresses by a human connection

Yotaro Kobayashi career (Profile)
[1933 - 2015] Japan's management. Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. president, and served as the Chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives. April 25, 1933 I was born in London. Keio childish building, Keio High School, Faculty of Economics, Keio University graduate. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School graduates (MBA). He joined Fuji Photo Film (now Fujifilm Holdings), it starts to Fuji Xerox in 1963. He was appointed in 1978 president

Hiroshi Mikitani Analects Witticism

Hiroshi Mikitani  Witticism11
Rakuten, Inc. founder

Dream is meaningful Only then realized

I lost the reality of rough seas, a dream, such as forgetting is not a true dream

The Internet all the knowledge and information to a database, to be indexed. Inorganic search is commoditized, organic services go are differentiated

The essential feature of the Internet is to connect the human knowledge and information

Internet without theoretically be blocked by the spatial constraints, it is a technology capable of connecting all the knowledge and information of the human. It will of connecting to the Internet, human of the whole mankind alone It is also that it is that the brain and access

Ironic that the dream and the reality is different, and so do not be misled. It is, of people who failed to efforts to change the dream into reality, not just an excuse for Kuyashimagire

Dreams know to exert force in order to realize. Dreams and goals of growing a person feel it is my whether to how grown people are better seen in the eye

Ten years ago, I was holding one of the dream. All of life from it, have continued to run toward its realization. In the process, it embraced the same dream, fellow running together has increased. The first two company that began in humans, and now became the 5,000 Group companies

It's no sense to just entertain the dream. Reassembles the dream to a specific goal, Kangaenuki whether must be what you specifically to achieve that goal, and the fact that it was the thought out go accomplished one by one. All of the ability myself of have, talent also everything nor perseverance physical fitness, as another or that thing to tackle. take many years over all, so to not have supposed that such dreams can not be realized, Also, I think the first time doing up there, and he is a dream meaning

Until the Wright brothers to succeed in the experiment, the fact that such person is flying the sky, was only just a dream. Even steam locomotive, Even automobile would the same thing. And one by one realize such a dream, the reality and precisely because it has been changed, there is a contemporary of our lives. modern society, to say that the resulting from our predecessors of a dream, it is not exaggeration. dream is what, he fuel to advance the society

The Internet, it is a tool that connects people with people. Even if technology is progress, no matter how, the human itself does not change. People's a creature you want to connect with people. Even that the Internet is to allow are numerous, it root does not move absolutely "that There is a communication tool that connects people and people

José Mujica Witticism

José Mujica  Witticism 7Uruguay 40th president

I, we are hostile to consumerism. Thanks to the ultra-consumerism of the modern, we can forget that the most essential, the ability of as a person, that has very little to do with the well-being of mankind are you wasting

The poor people, rather than people who do not have what little, there are infinite greed, It's the person who does not satisfy even how much

Has been called the world's poor president, but I do not think poor things myself. The poor people, working only in order to maintain a luxurious life, and from the next to the next thing the coveted and people It is to say that

The people who leave a better human resources than yourself a true leader

Everyone in I want you to know that the source of water crisis and the environmental crisis is not a problem source. The fundamental problem is the social model we have to run. And, It should be reviewed anew our life style the fact that he

When people buy things, I do not buy with the money. I'll I have bought at the time that was split of life in order to earn the money. Therefore, if you have hired a person, things in the human time It becomes that you are buying. I have made from those tore time of such life because economic resources

Development is not supposed to be those that inhibit happiness. Development must be intended to bring happiness to mankind. Love and relationships, to raise a child, it has a friend, and must be at least Having a thing of limited. I should I bring these

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Masaru Ibuka Analects Witticism

Masaru Ibuka Witticism10Sony Corporation founder

Only it has been used by many people, is a technique

When common sense and the insane were hit, innovation is born

We do not do mimicry. Let Tegakeyo new things. Because it is thing hard, always open a new frontier when overcome one

With how do you jump out from the frame is linking the sensitivity to the important. Technology, it can be a big leap

Invention species. First thing to look for seeds. It is important to raise the invention to it more

From that you cherish the silly no dream, innovation is born

Sony has been doing things you do not do the others until now. If there is unresolved, it is good if it does Resolve Sony. Japan's first, is what making things the world's first, it is possible to proceed to step ahead than people he

In the midst of "corporate body, what to stop it is that very important. A new, secret to deploy a good field, I can throw away the ones that must be discarded without fail. There is a limit to the capital, There is a limit to the space, you must know that there is a limit to the person of particular capability

The real managers, next year, when it is: what do the year after next, without'm going to spread gradually, we will narrow gradually, in order to concentrate on there, Iran can go quit. And otherwise You can not place concentration

Companies should not be the same like that. Not firmly death stone wall under the castle. Strong stone wall stones of various forms, can by engaging well

Yanagida Kunio Witticism

Yanagida Kunio Witticism8
Ethnologist of Japan

The "folklore is to leave the knowledge of people that would end life buried

I go and if the academic scholarship, and I must go to clean up from the previous academic eye

We even than the world to see is drawn with fancy, is much deeper things of the hidden reality

Academic eventually, because of the world, must be because of the people

Learning is most deep-rooted thing from interest, or that of curiosity entered

Words Even the spreads is overconfidence that sufficient use all of life if, people generally became volubility

Words do not know was born. And unless the relationship of soil and human beings know the words from the soil

History teaches most practical wisdom is that the nation has the possibility of progress

Yanagida Kunio career (Profile)
[1875 - 1962] of Japanese folklore scholar-bureaucrats. "Japanese What is" seeking the answer, the Japanese archipelago around and foreign parts of Japanese territory at the time to investigate travel, initial attention was paid to the mountain of life. In pioneer of Japanese folklore, a number of writings continue to be reprinted until today. July 31, 1875, was born in the current and Hyogo Prefecture Kanzaki District Fukusaki. Tokyo Imperial University Law University political Graduated (LL.B.). Masterpiece "Tono Monogatari," "sea of the road" and many others. Full 87-year-old deaths

Akio Morita Analects Witticism

Akio Morita Witticism5
Sony Corporation founder

Brand is the life of the company

We grow admirably as one of the industry if there is a wisdom that thinking out a completely new products using existing technology

I myself will have employees that will leave the company because opinion is different. This is do things ridiculous. I were all the same opinion, it means that I should I need not. One person there are a lot of employees

Is a thing called international freedom is the basis of economic credit, First's a basic of business, in order to support the and thought Ne must. This credit is simply without just the product to those excellent and thorough for the product It needs absolutely to be equipped with after-sales service network. failure is small, even going Should failure, if you do not advance in helping to make a service network that immediately can fix, in the United States that all service network has been developed to unacceptable

There is no country that has a human resources blessed about Japan. Among such privileged status, or do I How do I go taking advantage of the high human resources of this quality. To do this, first individual is , myself receives the raw as a member of society, because he has received the benefit (benefit) from society, large to have a work ethic that she also is obliged to something contribution to society (contribution) and I think the premise. That's why, the employee is also a thing called workplace will work can maximize their abilities, it must be chosen himself

Den Fujita Analects Witticism

 Den Fujita Witticism13
McDonald's Company (Japan) founder

To be successful in the retail industry is day-to-day small stack to fail When aimed at the important. Reversal homerun

If you challenge the business, we must win. Win if government forces. Makere if bankruptcy is, he reality. Excuse After losing not-class. It is What all to win

It's a soul important for managers. The managers do not if there is no sense of mission, such as to contribute to the Japanese culture

It is not poured not the morning of the night. I always come to the morning

People working in gold and a sense of mission

Unprofessional eyes are not visible to. Open the mind's eye. Opportunity is always in front of the eyes

I can raise the strategy to the president Industry

President industry is the decision line

President industry Ya work regime of 24 hours

I thing serving as president, there is no private time, all as's time for public, it is thought that it should use that time company to the entire movement. So there is no holiday to me

Hamburger business, the physique of the Japanese to Western decent, but the transfer of state-of-the-art world of culture in Japan. And that it by going to the human beings to-class Japanese in the world, and all employees a large mission and it plays. Since you are working among them

Even in "business, and has been successful in only one of the reasons, there is a tipping possibility. Fine that you do not neglect a stack of it is the secret of success. Things stack, it is not more no matter how small not to worry

If management, I can take the information at their own front line. The end there is a reality. Place to be improved, there is a hint for the forward. Management If you have not touched on the raw primary information shall not

Sazō Idemitsu Analects

Sazō Idemitsu Witticism9
Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. founder

I think out thinking even to what the do. It is a life of me

Gold it wants profit, but it can not make money until dropped the credit

Our capital is not money, but human beings. Money is part of the capital. The most important thing is a first person. People, people create a business, business make money. Bell about the person come

You guys, is one of either. Clerk and the company is Nikki what I thought the clerk. Because households painful and, if you can be like expel the family!

Seriously work who is a natural Li receive a reward commensurate with it. Regardless of the good-recession, life of employees must be guaranteed. Luxury do not, but poor for I do not go more

Refers to Kataki ask the people in the why Shi Zari give people the people (why), to obtain a good result certainly if you get people that person

Money and power, Na becomes the organization's slaves. Education and the academic, do not become a slave of principle. The independence to the state and nation, to be exhaustive because of the humanity of happiness

Human society is dominated humans. The reason for the most significant works in its, it was joined by trust and respect, it's the function of the human population of the true sum

Just aim the mere money-making, not a true business. There are, also true goodness also beauty in even not. Business is also the ultimate is an art. In business, you always universal Kunitoshi national welfare The desire was, also equinox the truth resistance must be desired. business of Idemitsu, who unexpected must Ne Utsukushikara even look. ugly Naru, unexpected must merely making money

Toshio Doko Analects

 Toshio Doko Witticism24

Remuneration of work is the work. Whether the job with such rewarding to everyone haves

and It hits than you think born alive ideas by hit. Body

and I Oshitsume until thoroughly with a tenacity Once you have determined the thing to do. The problem is the lack of tenacity rather than the limit of capacity

Can not, impossible, difficult, and Harainokeyo determined by the first-in, first Lord of. attitude to the problem attain all

Success Whatever the priming to the next success. Failure case a stepping stone to the next success. These two contradictory maxim is, in that it points out the importance of aftercare, is the common of truth

Yare the communication information with the subordinates in close contact with about equal to the information possessed by the boss

Put out the wisdom If you work in a company. To put out the sweat person without wisdom. Sweat does not appear even who go away quietly

If you and the human capacity is not big difference. There it's a difference of guts

When you leave the house, and he'll do anything today, Whatever arrival with a willingness

Because I'll underwrite it after the dead, and Yare in willing to die

My boss does not grow to subordinates when I clinging to the chair. As yourself can move out at any time to groom a successor

The administrator first case management yourself. Decrease also need to manage subordinates if so

Subordinates can learn from behind the boss. Boss is driven into the work seriously is the best education

Education is not just only to chance. Also it's identity as soon kill even take advantage of this

and What is not done even if known, it is the same as not known. The can I not out results even if, it's the same as not done

Managers to their way of life, it must have a clear idea. To that I have read the Lotus Sutra every day, but this becomes a cornerstone of the heart, has also become a reflection

It's work hard for 8 hours in the company is a natural. What is not obvious, it is how to spend the amount of time after the end of the company

Management that the unexpected must be made executive in order to Minagira a vibrant, it clearly the vision, is to increase high goals

60-point case prompt decision in principle. Decision every time it's unexpected decide when it should That raise. Decide in a timely manner is (for example) it's hard to fail

Decision-making is not a majority vote. Majority opinion to hear, but it is the one to decide. Drucker" brave but not die only once, a coward is to say achieve "even unsightly death a thousand times

For us as a manufacturer, research and development is what affects the life of the company. I therefore can, even in greatly reduced time forced the budget, only recognized the applicant as to the Institute rather than to have. gold is combined with the results, it is because the morale of staff members in order to reduced the gold was afraid to decline

Rewarding, is rewarding, do I try to come out the first time. The spear does not even, do not even work, why it's so even if on whether. Salt of life will be obtained such joy. In an effort to live the fullest, for the first time I know the joy of living

Some Actually the spark anyone. It is of it, but certainly, not tell is quite well fire. Even caught fire, in miserably. Their spark in Moraibi from other, fire yourself. And it It can not seems, a leader such as Satoshitaba (Obotsuka) no

I get to work the next three times to gentlemen. Officers able to work 10 times. I work on it more