Saturday, June 4, 2016

Muhammad Ali Witticism

Muhammad Ali Witticism13


Someone was supposed to do. He wanted to be that someone

I created a myth, live in the myth

Friendship, it is not intended to learn at school. If, however, and not learned is you the meaning of friendship yet, but the fact that you really do not learn anything

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Human beings can not take anything of risk, it is not possible to achieve anything in life

To contribute to others is the rent you pay to your whereabouts on this planet

I training is hated. But, I was this said to myself. Give up" absolutely Do not. Now Taero. And Ikiro the rest of your life as a champion

The larger as a human being, is of no need to prove it dare to others

When it comes to me as great, it is difficult to be humble

There is no wings to people with no imagination

If you think yourself that it is bad, yourself become useless from that point

What scares the people to challenge difficulties is a lack of trust. I believe in myself

The "impossible, but the words of a coward who abandoned that opening up the world with their own force. Impossible and is only an excuse to settle for status quo. Impossible and is not even a fact, mere but prejudice. impossible and is not to be condemned to someone. impossible that it is passing point. impossible it is possible with. impossible Nante impossible

Muhammad Ali History (profile)
American boxing former world heavyweight champion. African-American. January 17, was born in 1942. Louisville, Kentucky native. 1960 Rome Olympic light heavyweight Kyukin medalist. It won the World Heavyweight Championship in and undefeated turn professional. Then played a defense of a successful total 19 degrees to 3 degrees throne take. June 3, 2016, died at the age of 74

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yukio Ninagawa Witticism

Yukio Ninagawa Witticism4Japanese director)

Difficult in a month to repair the relationship between each other too versa. So not scolded, I decided to wait for the out patiently walk. That way is early work

When young, my time seemed to be an infinite towards the future. Now, I will be back-calculated from the time of the end. Then, people both landscape, so, come look different is everything

Staged in the theater is not came to anyone watch if there is no will deserve to commercialization. High commercial value as referred to in the company

We human beings, I guess a clumsy creature Nante. Man and woman, that really meet the people and the people, it is the so difficult

Yukio Ninagawa  history (profile)

[1935 - 2016] of the Japanese director, film director, actor. Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music Professor Emeritus. 1935 October 15, was born. Saitama Prefecture, born in Kawaguchi City. Blood type A type. In his book "rebellion and the Creation," "knife a thousand eyes thousand", etc. In 1998, he became artistic director of the "Kuni Shakespeare Series" of the Saitama Arts Theater. Challenged to performances of Shakespeare plays all 37 works. The second 0,006 years, was founded 55 years of age or older theater group in the same theater, "Saitama Gold Theater".May 12, 2016, died at 80 years of age.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Howard Schultz Witticism

Howard Schultz Witticism5Starbucks Corporation CEO)

What experience does not become another in preparation for the next experience. It's just the next experience can not predict how things

Go piled up step by step, promised more of a track record. In the long run, only of a secret for it to succeed

Now of financial health is the worst. But, to me there are aspirations to more large Starbucks. There is a vision. So me come with with confidence

If the handle so that management is of gear to hear the replacement employees, employees will be for the management in the same kind of attitude. Employees is not a gear. They are human beings, all I want to feel that he is worth to, I want to get even income to meet the needs of yourself and your family. After all, if there is no single-minded dedication of our employees, Starbucks can not also capture the customer's mind is also possible to prosperity

Regardless of the scale of large and small, in the case of cause something new business shall be kept by knocked on the head that it takes time and money than you expect absolutely. As long as it is ambitious is business plan, even if the rapidly increasing sales, should be kept to expect that the have no choice but to temporarily turn the amount of more benefit to investment

Howard Schultz Background (profile)

American management.Starbucks Corporation CEO. July 19, 1953 born in Brooklyn, New York. Northern Michigan University graduation.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Yuta Tomikawa Witticism

Yuta Tomikawa Witticism6Japan of announcer)

There is no need to imitate someone, important to establish their own how to tell of style

I can not respond at the time of trouble in the rote memorization of information

Any person, should there is always how to tell perfect for that person. While facing with their own, important to go looking for it through the work

Yourself often work in the field report. Once it was, where attempts to establish their own style. I think so, went to solve how to tell that does not rely only on the power of words

By how to tell of information is a variety program, common to the important point, whether listening to the story interested in what the other party, to convey a firm image. Rather than "that he wants to say", so as to meet "you want to know the other party." The consciousness, the same also in the variety in the press

Since the viewer There are different generations of people, it is also to tell in easily transmitted "simple expression" in to anyone. A simple expression is a word that comes out in a so-called normal conversation. "During this time, the interesting thing it was there" to family and friends as if to speak with, we believe that "as I just honestly tell you that he had felt"

Yuta Tomikawa Background (profile)
Japan of announcer. September 3, was born in 1976. Aichi Prefecture, born in Nagoya. Yokohama National University graduation. He joined TV Asahi.

Shigeo Moridaira Witticism

Shigeo Moridaira Witticism4(Jute president of the Corporation.)

Rather than a What is important is success itself, I think that way of life to continue to challenge. Also my father got from his father to leave the company was founded property to give up, even for who moved to a small apartment with the children of my wife and 3-year-old, it is from such thoughts

Property that was inherited from his father was all give up. Because I wanted to exceed that of the father, it had stuck to be independent under the same conditions as his father was founded in without any means. To be independent in order to more than a father, it would be funny when I received support from his father?

But after graduating from college has a job in the computer peripherals company, career change to Soichiro instruments at the retirement of his father the opportunity. Because it was the hate seems to be capitalizing on the fame of a parent, we actively challenge to businesses that the company had not worked until now

Was aimed at independent, it is a respect for his father that caused the business, because there was a heart rival wants beyond that

Shigeo Moridaira Background (profile)

Japan's management. Jute president of the Corporation. Born in Tokyo. Seijo University Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration graduate.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Yoshihiko Miyauchi Witticism

Yoshihiko Miyauchi Witticism8(Founder of Orix Corp.)

Themselves and their company, the most important issue for the family to understand something, stand up. If you do not tackle an important issue, break-through does not occur

Great resistance occurs only when you Toso Ceylon

Basic of regulatory reform, everyone is established a fairly Kisoiae that market, that will make things better while working hard

I might be the sweet as a manager, but more easily abandon, you want to maximize the place is better for that person

I myself, have been defined as the human resources to cause innovation to management. Fail might be, but will offer something new to the world. I think people who perpetrate such a something that it is management

It is quite difficult to expect the innovation to the bureaucracy, led by bureaucrats. I think the human resources to create something that we should go back to the basic that lay on top

Always in pursuit of rationality, if proceed from inefficient sectors to efficient good department relocation of management resources, it is no longer necessary to increase restructuring later

All of the business judgment is impossible and never say it is the correct answer. The problem is likely to become the correct answer

Yoshihiko Miyauchi Background (profile)

Japanese proprietor. Founder of Orix Corp. It was born on September 13, 1935. From Kobe-shi, Hyogo. Kwansei Gakuin University department of commercial science graduation

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Daisuke Iwase Witticism

Daisuke Iwase Witticism7Life Net Life Insurance Co., Ltd. second president

When the steady effort is continued, the way can be opened certainly

Business and is, everyone is sleeping a chance precisely in the place that does not put the eye

If you give a larger work to young people, and the minute struggle, to grow as a result

Age also born nor career, never strong enough to have a companion of different backgrounds. Diversity what is the driving force to generate ideas and momentum

The important thing in problem-solving is not a talent. After holding the basics of logic, is that of an above all important is to act. Discovered the problem, not only to pursue the cause, what was transferred to improve measures to run, please do not forget that he leads to solve a real problem

If you want to grow faster, is the easiest approach steal the way of others. It is by no means a bad thing. Rather talented people, we everyone is stretching their abilities and skills to do so. Already high achievements and actively draw out the experience and knowledge to people who have raised, - I do Come to imitate it

Daisuke Iwase history (profile)
Japanese proprietorLife Net Life Insurance Co., Ltd. second president. It was born on March 17, 1976. From Saitama-kenThe University of Tokyo department of law graduationHarvard Business School graduation.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Akira Matsumoto Witticism

Akira Matsumoto Witticism6Cal. be corporation chairperson and CEO

The sense to see through kind is polished by the case that I'm going out to a site one after another, not to keep at the top of a desk

I think strenuously and devise using a head. When I say whether it's fun, indeed what is there on business?

It's decided what I make important, because there is a result and company management is wearing, and a necessary thing is being just performed quietly to achieve that

A business always starts from a target. Therefore what is set as a target by company management, I don't bend and it's important

It's fun to learn a new thing. I'm also reading a book of the various genres besides the thing about management

When putting on knowledge, experience and a skill and not thinking those out all in a background, the success in a business is vague

Akira Matsumoto background (profile)

Japanese proprietor. Cal. be corporation chairperson and CEO (chief executive). From Kyoto. After Kyoto University graduate school department of agriculture Master's course finish, I join in Itochu. I participate in an export business of the industrial equipment, the car and the harbor equipment. After that a century medical director business general manager of Itochu subsidiary company assumes a mosquito Ruby chairperson and a CEO via Johnson, an end Johnson medical president and the best advisor.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Douglas MacArthur Witticism

Douglas MacArthur Witticism9GHQ  Commander in chief

Youth isn't only a time of the life. That's in the state of the heart. There isn't a person who just lived and grows old lengthily. A person grows old by giving up an ideal

You aren't supposed to do that military personnel ask for it to a state

An old soldier doesn't die, only, I melt away

Japanese is experiencing the greatest reform by present-day history since a war

I live, a suitable person is the person who doesn't fear death

A person grows old by giving up an ideal. When having faith, it'll be tenderly, and when having a suspicion, I grow old. When having a confidence, it'll be tenderly, and when having fear, I grow old. When having an ambition, being tenderly and when having despair, I grow old

There is no safety in this world. There does nothing but be a chance

It's fatal to burst into a war without the will I win

The last purpose of a war is to win, not to make the decision postponement. There isn't an agent who grows old and wins instead to fight

Douglas MacArthur background (profile)

[1880-1964] general of U.S. Army (marshal) and GHQ  Commander in chief. It was born in the State of Arkansas. The commander in chief of allied powers possessing Asian experience of duties which extends over a long term, and after commanding a competition toward Japan, who reigned over Japan under occupation with the intense individuality

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Coco Chanel Witticism

Coco Chanel Witticism10Founder of CHANEL

It's necessary to be different from others to become irreplaceable man

I saw something everyone and I wear and laughed. But, that's my successful key. It's because I didn't have a same figure as everyone

It's at adversity to understand a life

Without having a wing, get over every kind of obstacle for that I have been born to grow a wing

The lady who doesn't perfume has no futures

There is an abundant person truly with ordinary riches

A woman passes 40 and begins, and it becomes fascinating

A face of 20 years old is a natural present. For a face of 50 years old, your achievements

There is a drama in the process which falls for a lipstick

Besides there was also a princess, for Coco CHANEL, free one person

Coco Chanel background (profile)

Founder of CHANEL. In 1883, I'm born at the French southwest. I lose my mother by 12 years old and it's left in an orphanage. I begin to work as a salesperson in a clothing store via a pension. CHANEL of 27 years old also starts "CHANEL hat store" on a 21st area of Cambon street in Paris with the one of the investment of Arthur mosquito Pell of a sweetheart in 1910. I dealt with a skirt and a jacket and built the luxury brand "CHANEL" up by Kazuyo.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ichiro Suzuki Witticism

Ichiro Suzuki Witticism11Japanese batter

There is only 1 way to achieve a dream and a target. Pile up a small thing

That the one which can exist is concluded cuts corners, and is strange

The thing one can do now. The thing they seem able to do when exerting oneself. I have to be piling up such thing, a far target isn't approaching

Doesn't the consciousness that they came thoroughly walk that one is made? I should think very highly of that one who has practiced that is here and that you could continue there

When the ball one doesn't expect at all has come, how does it correspond? That's important. The ball I'd like to hit with a game doesn't come. When waiting for a favorite ball, it ends

It's necessary to make a plan and behavior consistent for an extended period to accomplish something

It's important that you can be here by usual yourself to do a special thing

Even if a team isn't feeling well, one doesn't collapse

The result is in and you cry, and by what kind of oneself can I be here? The trigger which produces what the posture which is never given up is is made

I was always playing strenuously, but the good result wasn't in today. But even so, it isn't regretted and doesn't also think I'm embarrassed. It's because the effort which is as much as possible was done

The one as grasping a dream won't be done all at once. It'll be to pile up a small thing, and you become able to take out the power which isn't believed on a day in sometime

Ichiro Suzuki Background (profile)

Japanese professional baseball player. It was born in 1973. I'm born in Japan. I play an active part in Japan and United States.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Mother Teresa Witticism

Mother Teresa Witticism10
The Catholic Church

For the opposite of love, not dislike, but indifference

The most fearful sickness is lonely in the world

Ai and the hunger to thanks are bigger than hunger to food for this world

More, politicians have to increase time to kneel modestly. I believe them then to become a better politician surely

A prayer bears belief and belief produces love, and love bears service to purpose of poor people

When there are poor people in the world in a moon, we also go there

When a young lady who belongs to a higher class does the determination done for poor people, that's one true revolution. It's maximum and moreover it's a revolution with very difficult difficulty, and a revolution of love

Delight is a prayer. Delight is Tsutomu. Delight is love. Delight is a net of the love by which we captivate people's mind

Arrogance breaks everything. The secret through which I live like Jesus will be that it'll be the person with a meek and modest heart

The person is illogical and non-logic is selfish. Love a person without worrying about it

Mother Teresa's brief summary of career

[1910-1997] I make it a nun of the Catholic Church and am a founder of a monastic order "missionary work person meeting of love of a god". Templeton prize in 1973, Nobel peace prize in 1979 and a BARA RATONA prize in 1980. I'm born in Skoplje in old Yugoslavia. My father is from the (similar to a Romanian) ARUMANIA person of a minority. My mother is Albanian. I become a Catholic nun over India by 18 years old. It's visited 3 times including the first visit to Japan in 1981 to Japan. For 87 years old, rejection

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yasushi Inoue Witticism

Yasushi Inoue Witticism9Japanese novelist and poet

The person who makes an effort tells a request, and the person who lazes tells dissatisfaction

Because everything is good, somehow maybe it's best in the human life-style to get rapturous

There is probably something as prosperity in the very ordinary thing. Which thing of quiet eyes, a gentle heart, a healthy body and anything but the state that you did that every day calm doesn't it seem to be also?

It's better not to find happiness. There seems to be human prosperity in the heart which isn't asked from the eyes which aren't purchased in every day which isn't asked from the body which isn't purchased

It's regrettable and spicy so that every kind of lucky man would like to die sometime

That one will look back to the walked past, with what is it that there is an encounter of the once in a lot of wonderful life?

Young people should utilize spirit of an once-in-a-lifetime chance in the daily life more aggressively

Something to have to walk, process it by oneself and go by oneself will say a life

It's insignificant originally in something as the age. The one by which the person living tenderly is doing the life which was young and grew old is old

Yasushi Inoue background (profile)

[1907-1991]Japanese novelist and poet. Person of cultural merits and Order of Cultural Merit awarding. It was born in Hokkaido (present,* Asahikawa-shi). After Kyoto University literature department philosophy family graduation, I join in Mainichi Newspapers (I leave the office in 1951.) It was after the war, and I dealt with many novels. Main work "bullfight" "Confucius" "blue wolf" "roof tile in Tenpyo" "Goshirakawa in" etc..

Jiro Asada Witticism

Jiro Asada Witticism7Japanese novelist

Say what Ya want. It can not be to you having a uniform limbs, I thought not. Human beings can not be one, you do not palm can Even to walk in a straight line

Is better not imagine orientation unsuitable. Such of those without Wakarikko

Whatever anyone may say, man is only misfortune of the minute, there is a right to be happy

Born in this world as a man, once in the house if it was born it made a aspirations hexene, totally regardless of the wealth, if you continue to have a passion, will not be not be achieved

Tteyuu of the poverty of hardship, I choice there is no anguish. How much is the amount of money you have, does not matter is the I say

Work is something to do hard. But, life everything is forgotten when it alone is lonely. Rest, off butyrate, do I need the indulgence of about personality changes

I did not want to do it not interesting. Only a minus in such a thing is life

Jiro Asada history (profile)

Japanese novelist. Real name: Iwato Kojiro (Iwato Kojiro). December 13, 1951 born in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. After high school graduation, he enlisted in the Ground Self-Defense Force, continued to post life with regard to a variety of jobs, such as apparel industry after his discharge, in 1991, made his debut in "or taken to accumulate!".

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Masuko Osamu Witticism

Masuko Osamu Witticism4   

Drawing of the things that do not do a thing to do is not go and you do not firmly. After all, because it is a much tighter towards the decision to quit from the decision to do

About when companies are strong, because the wider range of free, I'm likely to fail. When painful, since there is only thing that we can do, I'm something of a matter of fact it does not fail

It must be the ones making the customer's perspective. Because I made a good thing, it should not be in the attitude that please buy the people who want to buy

Because that has been a problem over a long period of time, does not it easy to modify the orbit. Alternatively, it may take years of just the same as has been a problem. It is important to carry through tenaciously to not give up

 Masuko Osamu History (profile)

Japan's management. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation 14 generations president. February 19, 1949, born in Tokyo. Through the Waseda University of Political Science and Economics, he joined to Mitsubishi Corporation in 1972. 2004, entrusted the reconstruction of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, which was on the verge of a serious financial crisis by the revelation of a large-scale recall hidden, and employment transfer to the company, appointed to the executive director with the right of representation (Overseas Business Management). In January 2005, he became President and CEO

Ryuichi Isaka Witticism Analects

Ryuichi Isaka Witticism5
Japan's management. Seven Co., Ltd. & i Holdings president 

Japan is inconvenient society there are so many social issues. Thing to think what can be done with respect to the social issues, has led to business opportunities

It is not the only assortment of has strengthened. ATM, multi-copy terminal, passing net shopping of goods over-the-counter, seal certificate, we have begun, such as ticket handling of the PIA. 60% of customers who use the service business is, you have some sort of shopping

By going to change products and services that deal, customers not only, we will up the merchant satisfaction. In fact, growth in sales is increasing the number of customers, also raised profits of merchants

It is not the only assortment of has strengthened. ATM, multi-copy terminal, passing net shopping of goods over-the-counter, seal certificate, we have begun, such as ticket handling of the PIA. 60% of customers who use the service business is, you have some sort of shopping

Market size of the convenience store industry is said to be 7 and 8 trillion yen, but there are 75 trillion yen by summing the food service and food distribution industry. Since the sales of their three trillion yen, is there still able to work market

Ryuichi Isaka career (Profile)

Japan's management. Seven Co., Ltd. & i Holdings president. 1957 October 4, was born in Tokyo. Aoyama Gakuin University Faculty of Law after graduation, Seven - joined Eleven Japan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ryunosuke Akutagawa Witticism Analects

Ryunosuke Akutagawa Witticism14Japanese novelist

What shalt help but lack in making the statement is a creative passion more than anything

Creation is always an adventure. After after all is that did their human power, there is no choice but to leave it to destiny

Justice is something similar to a weapon. If the weapon is even out the money, will be bought in the ally to enemy. If justice even with the theory, but also bought in the ally to enemy in which

Fate is inevitable than the chance" fate the word is in the personality "does not born never to Dongguan (neglected)

Marriage is effective in regulating the sexual desire, are not effective in regulating the love

In short, fool (stupid) woman is hate. Particularly stupid woman who knows how it's ToshiTakumi is not given a hand

One of the signs of love is to become extremely sensitive to finding the face that is similar to her

I thought necessary in our lives might have been run out in three thousand years ago. We just will only add a new fire in the old wood

Genius is slightly that of a person who has separated us and one step. Tragedy of genius is to be given a cozy fame was a small

Fool is always, believe him other than a person to be a fool."

"Happiness, refers to when you do not happiness the problem

Benefit given by the morality is a saving of time and effort. Give the moral damage is a paralysis of the perfect conscience

The "ancient political genius, has been considered as the person who the people of will and his own intention. But this would be the exact opposite. But rather a political genius, of his own making to the people it is to say that the person who is willing

Conscience is unexpected may create a moral. But morality is not that you have created the character of the" good "of yet once conscience

Ryunosuke Akutagawa history (profile)

[1892 - 1927] Japanese novelist. Born in Tokyo. University of Tokyo English Graduated. Perform literary activities by issuing the fanzine new trend of thought from his university days. Leaving the excellent "spider silk", "Imogayu," "Hell Screen", "gear", "Rashomon," "nose", "Kappa", "bush", "Moriko Spring" Other large number of masterpiece in short stories