Friday, May 6, 2016

Yuta Tomikawa Witticism

Yuta Tomikawa Witticism6Japan of announcer)

There is no need to imitate someone, important to establish their own how to tell of style

I can not respond at the time of trouble in the rote memorization of information

Any person, should there is always how to tell perfect for that person. While facing with their own, important to go looking for it through the work

Yourself often work in the field report. Once it was, where attempts to establish their own style. I think so, went to solve how to tell that does not rely only on the power of words

By how to tell of information is a variety program, common to the important point, whether listening to the story interested in what the other party, to convey a firm image. Rather than "that he wants to say", so as to meet "you want to know the other party." The consciousness, the same also in the variety in the press

Since the viewer There are different generations of people, it is also to tell in easily transmitted "simple expression" in to anyone. A simple expression is a word that comes out in a so-called normal conversation. "During this time, the interesting thing it was there" to family and friends as if to speak with, we believe that "as I just honestly tell you that he had felt"

Yuta Tomikawa Background (profile)
Japan of announcer. September 3, was born in 1976. Aichi Prefecture, born in Nagoya. Yokohama National University graduation. He joined TV Asahi.

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