Friday, May 6, 2016

Shigeo Moridaira Witticism

Shigeo Moridaira Witticism4(Jute president of the Corporation.)

Rather than a What is important is success itself, I think that way of life to continue to challenge. Also my father got from his father to leave the company was founded property to give up, even for who moved to a small apartment with the children of my wife and 3-year-old, it is from such thoughts

Property that was inherited from his father was all give up. Because I wanted to exceed that of the father, it had stuck to be independent under the same conditions as his father was founded in without any means. To be independent in order to more than a father, it would be funny when I received support from his father?

But after graduating from college has a job in the computer peripherals company, career change to Soichiro instruments at the retirement of his father the opportunity. Because it was the hate seems to be capitalizing on the fame of a parent, we actively challenge to businesses that the company had not worked until now

Was aimed at independent, it is a respect for his father that caused the business, because there was a heart rival wants beyond that

Shigeo Moridaira Background (profile)

Japan's management. Jute president of the Corporation. Born in Tokyo. Seijo University Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration graduate.

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