Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yukio Ninagawa Witticism

Yukio Ninagawa Witticism4Japanese director)

Difficult in a month to repair the relationship between each other too versa. So not scolded, I decided to wait for the out patiently walk. That way is early work

When young, my time seemed to be an infinite towards the future. Now, I will be back-calculated from the time of the end. Then, people both landscape, so, come look different is everything

Staged in the theater is not came to anyone watch if there is no will deserve to commercialization. High commercial value as referred to in the company

We human beings, I guess a clumsy creature Nante. Man and woman, that really meet the people and the people, it is the so difficult

Yukio Ninagawa  history (profile)

[1935 - 2016] of the Japanese director, film director, actor. Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music Professor Emeritus. 1935 October 15, was born. Saitama Prefecture, born in Kawaguchi City. Blood type A type. In his book "rebellion and the Creation," "knife a thousand eyes thousand", etc. In 1998, he became artistic director of the "Kuni Shakespeare Series" of the Saitama Arts Theater. Challenged to performances of Shakespeare plays all 37 works. The second 0,006 years, was founded 55 years of age or older theater group in the same theater, "Saitama Gold Theater".May 12, 2016, died at 80 years of age.

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