Monday, May 29, 2017

Yoshiharu Fukuhara Witticism

Yoshiharu Fukuhara Witticism
Shiseido 10th president

The attractive people who think that they want to meet again by participating in various meetings are mysterious and polyhedral people

A big job is not born from a small human being, a big job will be born by human beings growing big

Failure has missed one opportunity, there is nothing serious as a setback, etc. Happiness and misfortune are two people

Spring will come if you live

In order to hone myself, it is to meet a big person, I often talk to young people, but I advise you to meet adults living in the same age without having to deal with them face to face, face to face By striving, human power will surely strengthen

How to preserve the system of values ​​that can be said as the backbone of the enterprise in the organization as a gene, the management must talk to themselves, identify the value standards, and tell it to the next generation as a storyteller. I will think that it will become an invisible asset of the company later

In the 21st century, relationships between humans and other things, such as goods and the environment, and things like that will change.Although I thought about human beings as a whole, though it is not so in the future, I think that we have to think about thinking that humans are in the environment

Yoshiharu Fukuhara background (profile)
Japanese manager. Mr. Shiseido has served as the 10th president and honorary chairman. Born on March 14, 1931. He graduated from Keio University School of Economics

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