Monday, May 29, 2017

Sachihiko Kawamata Witticism

Sachihiko Kawamata Witticism7
president of Tsukasa Group

When the problem occurs, the first thing to do is to see how it works to solve it, no matter how much trouble you suffer, it will not solve the problem

People think you know yourself, I think that you do not really understand at all

I was caught in the eyes of the great poor from the wealthy owner due to the collapse of the bubble, I bought every economic magazine, economic book at random and read it, and warned of the collapse of the bubble in the book At this time, "the root of value is information" "There is no accident that one incident happens suddenly, someone says somewhere somewhere" This word It was what I got by paying a study fee of 100 billion yen in the collapse of the bubble economy

I started collecting and organizing economic information because when I failed business due to the collapse of the bubble, when I read newspaper articles and books that were written before that, events that become a precursor are properly written It may seem like a special thing to read "the future of the times", but it is enough for the information flowing in the world

I will also look through the newspaper 8 papers, 30 magazines and net information.Is the time about 3 hours every day.If you manage the time properly, that time can be made.I am not going to drink or play golf It is not bothersome to devote this time to information sorting from that, rather I think that it is necessary to raise the speed and quality of work

Human beings use the brain to think and memorize things, to be conscious of their existence.Since the entire universe has a structure similar to that of the human brain neural cells, some sense of consciousness in the universe It is thought that intention and intention are working

If that person thinks so, that situation can be made, so UFOs can only be seen by those who believe in UFOs, so they will never see it for those who do not believe themselves, they will succeed, People who are seriously willing to be happy will be happy, and people who do not think will succeed

Sachihiko Kawamata background (profile)
Japanese manager. He served as president of Tsukasa Group. My real name is Yukihiko Kawamata. Born September 1, 1947. I am from Tochigi prefecture. After graduating from Salesian College high school, I studied at Northwestern Michigan College in the USA. In 1973, he took office as president of family business real estate business "Shi BUILDING MANAGEMENT CO., LTD." In 1985, we made weekly apartment a big hit but in 1999 I sold the weekly apartment business to Lehman Brothers

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