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Yasushi Inoue Witticism

Yasushi Inoue Witticism9Japanese novelist and poet

The person who makes an effort tells a request, and the person who lazes tells dissatisfaction

Because everything is good, somehow maybe it's best in the human life-style to get rapturous

There is probably something as prosperity in the very ordinary thing. Which thing of quiet eyes, a gentle heart, a healthy body and anything but the state that you did that every day calm doesn't it seem to be also?

It's better not to find happiness. There seems to be human prosperity in the heart which isn't asked from the eyes which aren't purchased in every day which isn't asked from the body which isn't purchased

It's regrettable and spicy so that every kind of lucky man would like to die sometime

That one will look back to the walked past, with what is it that there is an encounter of the once in a lot of wonderful life?

Young people should utilize spirit of an once-in-a-lifetime chance in the daily life more aggressively

Something to have to walk, process it by oneself and go by oneself will say a life

It's insignificant originally in something as the age. The one by which the person living tenderly is doing the life which was young and grew old is old

Yasushi Inoue background (profile)

[1907-1991]Japanese novelist and poet. Person of cultural merits and Order of Cultural Merit awarding. It was born in Hokkaido (present,* Asahikawa-shi). After Kyoto University literature department philosophy family graduation, I join in Mainichi Newspapers (I leave the office in 1951.) It was after the war, and I dealt with many novels. Main work "bullfight" "Confucius" "blue wolf" "roof tile in Tenpyo" "Goshirakawa in" etc..

Jiro Asada Witticism

Jiro Asada Witticism7Japanese novelist

Say what Ya want. It can not be to you having a uniform limbs, I thought not. Human beings can not be one, you do not palm can Even to walk in a straight line

Is better not imagine orientation unsuitable. Such of those without Wakarikko

Whatever anyone may say, man is only misfortune of the minute, there is a right to be happy

Born in this world as a man, once in the house if it was born it made a aspirations hexene, totally regardless of the wealth, if you continue to have a passion, will not be not be achieved

Tteyuu of the poverty of hardship, I choice there is no anguish. How much is the amount of money you have, does not matter is the I say

Work is something to do hard. But, life everything is forgotten when it alone is lonely. Rest, off butyrate, do I need the indulgence of about personality changes

I did not want to do it not interesting. Only a minus in such a thing is life

Jiro Asada history (profile)

Japanese novelist. Real name: Iwato Kojiro (Iwato Kojiro). December 13, 1951 born in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. After high school graduation, he enlisted in the Ground Self-Defense Force, continued to post life with regard to a variety of jobs, such as apparel industry after his discharge, in 1991, made his debut in "or taken to accumulate!".

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Masuko Osamu Witticism

Masuko Osamu Witticism4   

Drawing of the things that do not do a thing to do is not go and you do not firmly. After all, because it is a much tighter towards the decision to quit from the decision to do

About when companies are strong, because the wider range of free, I'm likely to fail. When painful, since there is only thing that we can do, I'm something of a matter of fact it does not fail

It must be the ones making the customer's perspective. Because I made a good thing, it should not be in the attitude that please buy the people who want to buy

Because that has been a problem over a long period of time, does not it easy to modify the orbit. Alternatively, it may take years of just the same as has been a problem. It is important to carry through tenaciously to not give up

 Masuko Osamu History (profile)

Japan's management. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation 14 generations president. February 19, 1949, born in Tokyo. Through the Waseda University of Political Science and Economics, he joined to Mitsubishi Corporation in 1972. 2004, entrusted the reconstruction of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, which was on the verge of a serious financial crisis by the revelation of a large-scale recall hidden, and employment transfer to the company, appointed to the executive director with the right of representation (Overseas Business Management). In January 2005, he became President and CEO

Ryuichi Isaka Witticism Analects

Ryuichi Isaka Witticism5
Japan's management. Seven Co., Ltd. & i Holdings president 

Japan is inconvenient society there are so many social issues. Thing to think what can be done with respect to the social issues, has led to business opportunities

It is not the only assortment of has strengthened. ATM, multi-copy terminal, passing net shopping of goods over-the-counter, seal certificate, we have begun, such as ticket handling of the PIA. 60% of customers who use the service business is, you have some sort of shopping

By going to change products and services that deal, customers not only, we will up the merchant satisfaction. In fact, growth in sales is increasing the number of customers, also raised profits of merchants

It is not the only assortment of has strengthened. ATM, multi-copy terminal, passing net shopping of goods over-the-counter, seal certificate, we have begun, such as ticket handling of the PIA. 60% of customers who use the service business is, you have some sort of shopping

Market size of the convenience store industry is said to be 7 and 8 trillion yen, but there are 75 trillion yen by summing the food service and food distribution industry. Since the sales of their three trillion yen, is there still able to work market

Ryuichi Isaka career (Profile)

Japan's management. Seven Co., Ltd. & i Holdings president. 1957 October 4, was born in Tokyo. Aoyama Gakuin University Faculty of Law after graduation, Seven - joined Eleven Japan.

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Ryunosuke Akutagawa Witticism Analects

Ryunosuke Akutagawa Witticism14Japanese novelist

What shalt help but lack in making the statement is a creative passion more than anything

Creation is always an adventure. After after all is that did their human power, there is no choice but to leave it to destiny

Justice is something similar to a weapon. If the weapon is even out the money, will be bought in the ally to enemy. If justice even with the theory, but also bought in the ally to enemy in which

Fate is inevitable than the chance" fate the word is in the personality "does not born never to Dongguan (neglected)

Marriage is effective in regulating the sexual desire, are not effective in regulating the love

In short, fool (stupid) woman is hate. Particularly stupid woman who knows how it's ToshiTakumi is not given a hand

One of the signs of love is to become extremely sensitive to finding the face that is similar to her

I thought necessary in our lives might have been run out in three thousand years ago. We just will only add a new fire in the old wood

Genius is slightly that of a person who has separated us and one step. Tragedy of genius is to be given a cozy fame was a small

Fool is always, believe him other than a person to be a fool."

"Happiness, refers to when you do not happiness the problem

Benefit given by the morality is a saving of time and effort. Give the moral damage is a paralysis of the perfect conscience

The "ancient political genius, has been considered as the person who the people of will and his own intention. But this would be the exact opposite. But rather a political genius, of his own making to the people it is to say that the person who is willing

Conscience is unexpected may create a moral. But morality is not that you have created the character of the" good "of yet once conscience

Ryunosuke Akutagawa history (profile)

[1892 - 1927] Japanese novelist. Born in Tokyo. University of Tokyo English Graduated. Perform literary activities by issuing the fanzine new trend of thought from his university days. Leaving the excellent "spider silk", "Imogayu," "Hell Screen", "gear", "Rashomon," "nose", "Kappa", "bush", "Moriko Spring" Other large number of masterpiece in short stories

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Eiichi Shibusawa Witticism Analects

Eiichi Shibusawa Witticism18
Father of capitalism in Japan

40 and 50 Hanatare Pis, 60 and 70 when the prime of life, come pick it turned 90, Oikaese and wait up to 100

There are people that trouble without capital there is a "promising work. But, this is not only after all bitches (after all complaining). Capital if the work is a truly promising, and people who the person is truly credit It should which is not possible there is no. people like complain is not a person to do a great deal even if arguendo capital"

Man is like a magnet, enough has the ability, if the personality is a fine, as if the magnet is Suitsukeru the iron, it can absorb the work and status Womotte his power

Even rich how can a single individual, and when the entire society is a poor, the person's happiness is not guaranteed. Not only benefit the business is personal, Unless you Yuku interest the many social, and never correct business is not say

It even to the human how Marc unexpected must be a corner somewhere

The status and honor, should not forget that there is a modesty that accompanies it

Approximately without the one thing, to be in contact with the one thing, shalt be to always have the spirit of Mansingh. Is not shalt subjecting even the or something small (spoon) it to the transiency

Unselfish is not a virtue, the people to lazy but rather

All of it is the world becomes even if the mind in having so one

But it only at the Senu that the poor, the world and there are, nor anything efficacy

There is nothing polite about beautiful

Sejin is not only one would also think him favorable circumstances of people two without any but, in fact, not even in adversity even in favorable circumstances, created a kind of circumstances in the person's own power

All things in the world, when that's satisfied anymore this is, that is, when the decline

If effort to advantage to exhibit this, disadvantages disappear naturally

Credit is the basis of prosperous business a really capital

The bank is something like a big river. Gold that does not come together in the bank, not the same as droplets (droplets) that is dripping water or drip accumulated in the groove

Economy without borders. In either direction, to have the study and our wisdom, we must be the principle to proceed

It is devoid of morality, never standing in the world, it is not possible to extend the great power

Eiichi Shibusawa career (Profile)

[1840 - 1931] Meiji of large businessman. Father of Japanese capitalism. Musashi country Hanzawa County Chiaraijima village I was born in wealthy farmer (now Saitama Prefecture Fukaya). It serves in Hitotsubashi Tokugawa (15 Shogun Yoshinobu). 1867, Paris Expo entourage. Meiji Restoration after officialdom entering to Finance DaiSusumu. Established Commercial Code Council office is Japan's first collection in one volume organization (Ltd.). 1873, it became the first National Bank Commissioner auditors resigned officialdom, was widely active as a top leader of the Meiji business community. Death at 91 years of age

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Hisashi Inoue Witticism Analects

Hisashi Inoue Witticism7Japanese novelist

The most important thing is, the fact that that you do not write only in their own, write in a sentence can be seen by anyone

Easy to be difficult, deeply the easy thing, deep interesting thing

Visited the birth of the word, I wrote that you have to understand

Dictionary is a good counselor, a friend, I uncle tells us many things. In that way a dictionary and opts, is the life of the resulting

Place dont most of the maids is a habit scream also cash in rat, I'm a be or smiling to the wolf

Bird is fly to the person who directed the head, determine the direction is tails

The first in any book, I go carefully carefully read. Especially carefully about the first ten pages, the name of the character, we read while firmly holding and relationship. Then, I'm naturally becomes faster . I because speed-reading is I do not have too much credit

Hisashi Inoue history (profile)

[1934 to 2010] Japanese novelist, playwright, TV writer. Yamagata Prefecture, was born. After graduating from the Foreign Languages French Department of Sophia University, it becomes a TV writer worked on "Hyokkori gourd island", has become a national popular program to be broadcast for five years from April 1964. The main book "forty million steps of man," "Golden Knights," "Aesop, Inc.," "Tokyo Rose Seven," "Confessions of a baseball guide dog Chibi", "Edomurasaki picture scroll Genji" "xylophone pot nurse again", "month defunct Misora Tembo troupe of "," the story of rice "," egg "," Kirikirijin "" comedy actors on the geta, "" twelve of the letter "," Shinshaku Tono Monogatari "" life of Don Matsugoro "" absolutely talk of the US " a number such as "forty most of the boy."