Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Yoshihiko Miyauchi Witticism

Yoshihiko Miyauchi Witticism8(Founder of Orix Corp.)

Themselves and their company, the most important issue for the family to understand something, stand up. If you do not tackle an important issue, break-through does not occur

Great resistance occurs only when you Toso Ceylon

Basic of regulatory reform, everyone is established a fairly Kisoiae that market, that will make things better while working hard

I might be the sweet as a manager, but more easily abandon, you want to maximize the place is better for that person

I myself, have been defined as the human resources to cause innovation to management. Fail might be, but will offer something new to the world. I think people who perpetrate such a something that it is management

It is quite difficult to expect the innovation to the bureaucracy, led by bureaucrats. I think the human resources to create something that we should go back to the basic that lay on top

Always in pursuit of rationality, if proceed from inefficient sectors to efficient good department relocation of management resources, it is no longer necessary to increase restructuring later

All of the business judgment is impossible and never say it is the correct answer. The problem is likely to become the correct answer

Yoshihiko Miyauchi Background (profile)

Japanese proprietor. Founder of Orix Corp. It was born on September 13, 1935. From Kobe-shi, Hyogo. Kwansei Gakuin University department of commercial science graduation